Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage focuses on helping the body achieve a state of balance. This is accomplished through individualized treatments utilizing gentle techniques to relieve pain in affected areas and to soothe the nervous system. Some of the benefits of therapeutic massage are reduced muscular tension and pain, improved circulation, increased joint flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved energy and concentration.

Discover the Healing Power of Therapeutic Massage

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    Rehabilitation Massage

    Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury, or chronic illness, massage can help reduce discomfort and may help speed the recovery process.

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    Prenatal Massage

    Low back pain, aching hips, swollen ankles, and increased stress are just a few of the common pregnancy-related symptoms that can be decreased or alleviated with massage.

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    Postpartum Massage

    These warm-oil relaxation massages focus on any areas of tension or pain, and often include extra time spent on the shoulders, neck, and chest to rectify the postural imbalances caused by continuously holding and feeding a baby.

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    Abdominal Massage

    This gentle therapy is used to promote healthy digestion, increase circulation to vital organs, bolster fertility, decrease low back pain, and relieve PMS symptoms.

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    General Wellness Massage

    You don’t need to have a specific ailment to reap the benefits of massage therapy. Wellness massage can decrease overall stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Emma Winske

Emma Winske, a nutritionist with a master’s degree, is also a licensed massage therapist. She’s dedicated to helping clients find joy in nutritious meals while supporting women through their reproductive journey. Her therapeutic massage practice focuses on post-surgery rehabilitation, prenatal, postpartum, and abdominal massage. Currently residing in New Milford, Emma enjoys exploring the area’s hiking trails with her fiancé and their dog, Grizz.

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