Dr. Frank Song Jr.

Dr. Frank Song Jr.

Dr. Frank Song is a Naturopathic Doctor with a specialized focus on Lyme disease, Tick Borne Diseases, and chronic complex illnesses. Dr. Song is additionally interested in mind-body medicine and has a background in mental health work and holistic/nutritional counseling. He is committed to helping his patients physically recover from their ailments and provide the necessary time and resources to explore the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to health.

Dr. Song completed his residency and training under renown Lyme specialist, Dr. Alexis Chesney ND.  The residency was held in an integrative primary care health clinic and focused on the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme, Tick Borne Disease, and chronic complex illnesses in the Lyme endemic region of Southern Vermont. Dr. Song is trained in the effective lab diagnostics and use of western pharmaceutical, herbal, and holistic approaches to acute and “chronic” tick-borne infections. During his residency and post residency practice in Vermont, he successfully affiliated and acquired membership to both the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADs) and the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illnesses (ISEAI).

He is an active member of the International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM) and has been a speaker and ambassador to the organization since 2017. Dr. Song was a Dr. James D’Adamo Pathfinder Scholar and received 4 years of training in bioinformatics, blood type/anthropomorphic diets, and epigenetic based medicine. Dr. Song is also a professional musician and has played gigs all around the world. He believes that music is also medicine, and can be a channel to connect and bring healing sound and messages to all communities. In his free time he can be found running through the forest, swimming in the rivers, foraging for herbs and edible plants, and writing music and poetry with kindred spirits. He currently practices at Placeres Integrative Medicine in New Milford, Connecticut.

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Credentials & Certifications
  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor