Jamie Scanlan - Reiki Master

Jamie Scanlan

Hi! My name is Jamie, I am a Reiki practitioner and a holistic mental health wellness
coach. I received a bachelor’s degree in holistic health and psychology alongside reiki training
and master’s certification. My work as a healer is to acknowledge the mind, body and spirit as a
whole. Drawing from eastern medicine traditions in order to facilitate healing. The chakra
system within the spiritual body is the foundation of my holistic healing approach to wellness.
This is practiced through a form of energy healing called Reiki. Rei meaning spiritual wisdom
and Ki being life energy; a Japanese healing technique administered by the hands and
channeling energy through the use of symbols. This promotes overall stress reduction,
relaxation, physical and emotional well-being. My goal is to guide others to shift their
perspective on healing, focus on the energetic body and release blockages. I am passionate
about my life’s purpose and hope to help others heal along their journey. In my free time you
can find me out in nature doing activities such as hiking, sports, meditation and focusing on my
daily wellness routine. I am looking forward to seeing you in session!

Call and ask for Jamie!

Credentials & Certifications
  • B.A. Holistic Health, Psychology and Reiki Master