Chiropractic is a hands-on approach to health. It involves gentle movements using manual adjustments or specialized tools to align the spine and other joints. Call to schedule, or visit the patient portal!

Discover the Healing Power of Chiropractic

One of the most common reasons patients visit the Chiropractor is pain. Back pain, neck pain, and headaches are some of the top conditions chiropractors address. Additional benefits can be seen for pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatrics. 

Through Chiropractic adjustments, your body is able to function efficiently. Maintaining health naturally can prevent health complications before they start, minimizing the need for drugs or surgical procedures to keep you feeling well long term.

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    Pain Management

    Whether you suffer from migraines, back pain, or joint discomfort, Chiropractic offers a natural approach that targets the root causes of pain, rather than just alleviating symptoms.

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    Common Ailments

    The nervous system has a huge role in our children’s development and it starts right out of the womb. She practices the Webster technique which is a non aggressive adjustment for pregnant women to help them feel their best, help their baby get in the optimal position and get them ready for labor and delivery.

Dr. Debra Dlug

Dr. Deb grew up on Long Island and has received ongoing chiropractic care since she was an infant.  After multiple sports injuries did she truly understand the power of chiropractic care.  Through spinal adjustments and chiropractic therapies she was able to feel better and return to her activities.  She believes in approaching chiropractic in a holistic way, by looking at the whole body and using various methods such as manipulation/mobilizations, soft tissue work and more not just to the spine but extremities as well. 

If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, migraines, and so much more, Chiropractic care may be a great option for you. Call the office today to learn more!